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Loophole Gun Trust

Introducing…THE LOOPHOLE GUN TRUST. Yes, it’s really called The Loophole, and for good reason. Here’s how it works. The Loophole is a “mini trust” you create and submit with each new NFA item you add to your collection. That’s right, you create a new Loophole Gun Trust for each new NFA item that you acquire, so only the main person on the trust is required to submit photographs and fingerprints. Then, after ATF approval, you can amend the trust to add other trustees (so they can share, use, and possess the NFA firearm held in the Loophole Gun Trust) and they NEVER have to submit photographs or fingerprints.  After your death, it is designed to “pour over” the trust asset into your primary gun trust. Yes, that means you need to already have a primary gun trust set up, preferably our Rapid Fire Gun Trust or AZ Advanced Gun Trust. If you do not already have a primary gun trust, please contact us.  The Loophole Gun Trust is only $34.99 each.