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On February 7, 2019, the ATF announced new mailing addresses.

Please note: Applications received at the former Atlanta, GA address after February 1, 2019, will be forwarded overnight to the new Portland, OR address for 90 days ONLY.

The following ATF forms have been updated with new mailing addresses:

Form 1 (5320.1) – Application to Make and Register a Firearm
Form 4 (5320.4) – Application for Tax paid Transfer and Registration of a Firearm
Form 7 (5310.12) / 7 CR (5310.16) – Application for Federal Firearms License
Form 8 (5310.11) – Federal Firearms Licensee Renewal Application
Form 5400.13/16 – Application for Explosives License or Permit
Form 4587 - Application to Register as an Importer of U.S. Munitions Import List Articles
Form 5630.7 - Special Tax Registration and Return National Firearms Act (NFA)

These updated ATF forms can also be downloaded from the Forms Library or requested from the ATF Distribution Center.

The new mailing addresses for these applications are as follows:

Firearms & Explosives Imports Branch (ATF Form 4587)
P.O. Box 6200-17
Portland, OR 97228-6200
Federal Explosives Licensing Center (ATF Form 5400.13/16)
P.O. Box 6200-18
Portland, OR 97228-6200
National Firearms Act Division (ATF Forms 1 and 4)
P.O. Box 5015
Portland, OR 97208-5015
Federal Firearms Licensing Center (ATF Forms 7 and 8)
P.O. Box 6200-20
Portland, OR 97228-6200
Special Occupational Tax (SOT) – NFA (ATF Form 5630.7)
P.O. Box 6200-13
Portland, OR 97228-6200

ATF Mailing Address Changes